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One Taste and It’s a Tradition

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Iceberg Drive-Inn

Iceberg Drive Inn has been a family tradition for over 60 years. Famous for our Thick Shakes, Fries, and Hand-Breaded Onion Rings, but also serving freshly cooked hamburgers, sandwiches, and other unique food items.  Visit our locations throughout Utah, Arizona, and California.  One taste and it’s a tradition!

Iceberg Drive Inn Restaurant: First Branch

Favorite Food Items

Reese's Shake

Vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate... What more could you want?

Onion Rings

Our onion rings are handmade in house. Nothing tastes better than fresh and high quality

Cheesecake Shake

Two of the best desserts combined into one! It gets better with every bite.

Rodeo Burger

The burger your appetite deserves.      

Tater Tots

These are the tots all your friends will be asking you to share.

Grasshopper Shake

A classic combo of mint chocolate chip ice cream and delicious grasshopper cookies

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