5 of Everybody’s Favorite Cookout Meals

Oct 05 , 2021


5 of Everybody’s Favorite Cookout Meals

There is something about your favorite cookout meals that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside — and we love it!

Good weather brings the exciting opportunity for cookouts and all the mouthwatering food that comes with it. Awesome music, sweet treats, and good company make for the perfect afternoon or evening focused on things that matter most. But what really makes a cookout perfect, the cherry on top of your barbecue is the good food that you'll find. If you're looking for a crowd-pleasing cookout menu for kids and adults alike, keep reading below!

5 Favorite Cookout Meals to Serve at Your Next Barbecue

A cookout isn't complete without each of the following items:

Hamburger and Cheeseburger — Is it even a cookout without a hamburger or cheeseburger?! These two items are likely at the top of people's favorites. There's something familiar and comfortable about a burger: the smell, the taste. It's an enjoyable and sure way to hit the spot.

Hotdogs — This is a classic dish served at just about every cookout. Hotdogs are often given to and reserved for children at a barbecue, but we believe everybody should be able to enjoy a hotdog. There are many ways to eat this delicious meal, with a myriad of condiments, like relish, mayo, ketchup, and more.

Chicken Sandwich — If you aren't in the mood for a hotdog or hamburger, you'll probably find much satisfaction in opting for a chicken sandwich. Chicken sandwiches are a great option if you're looking for something healthier and a bit lighter. Top your sandwich with fresh toppings and a delicious combination of condiments, and you're in for a treat!

Zucchini Strips — You won't attend a barbecue without seeing a variety of delicious sides, including a tasty vegetable dish. One of our favorite sides to serve at a cookout is zucchini strips: hand-cut and breaded zucchini fresh out of the garden. Yes, please!

Sweet Treats — We suppose "sweet treats" don't constitute a "meal," but what cookout meal is complete without a sweet ending? You cannot beat an ice cream treat in the warmer months (and cooler months; let’s be honest). To our delight, there are many ways to enjoy an ice cream treat at your cookout, such as a milkshake, a sundae with yummy toppings, or float with your choice of soda.

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