Is a Hamburger Considered a Sandwich?

Oct 19 , 2021

Jarrett Webster

Is a Hamburger Considered a Sandwich?

Every so often, we are faced with a question that leaves us feeling uneasy and uncertain; today’s question: is a hamburger considered a sandwich?

Take a look at just about any lunch menu, and you will see a few crowd-favorite items. You’ll find a BLT, cheeseburger, club sandwich, and more. Some of these dishes are, without a doubt, sandwiches: grilled cheeses, chicken salad, PB&Js, and more. This nosh is what we think of when we think of a sandwich, not a hamburger! A hamburger is a grilled beef patty with condiments and other toppings on a bun. But, alas, we are up for the great debate; how about you?

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Is a Hamburger Really a Sandwich?

The answer to the question, “Is a hamburger considered a sandwich?” seems to be dividing the crowds. Since the beginning of the hamburger, they have always contained a meat patty (or meat substitute, such as beans or another plant-based option), while sandwiches can hold just about anything! Sandwiches are a much wider spread and inclusive category. A sandwich can be an egg salad sandwich, roast beef sandwich, Reuben, and more — very different from a burger. A peanut butter and honey sandwich seems vastly different from a cheeseburger! But they seem to be much more related to each other than either is to a milkshake.

The master of definitions, Merriam-Webster, has something to say on this matter and defines a sandwich as “two pieces of bread with something (such as meat, peanut butter, etc.) between them.” Well, there you have it. Just about anything can be considered a sandwich, just as long as there are two slices of bread. So, technically speaking, yes, a hamburger is categorized as a sandwich.

But we’re not sure it is that simple. There are plenty of different foods that are not what they seem to be. Take fruit, for example. Tomatoes are botanically a fruit, but you would never put them in a fruit salad alongside berries, melons, or bananas. In a similar fashion, burgers and sandwiches are usually kept in entirely different categories; they often have their own section on a menu. Or, if they are combined, the section is titled “Sandwiches & Hamburgers.” Culinarily speaking, they are separate. But regarding classification, hamburgers are indeed sandwiches, whether we think of burgers that way or not. 

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