So, Why Are They Called "French Fries"?

Aug 17 , 2021


So, Why Are They Called "French Fries"?

French fries are hot, crispy, and tasty and are the perfect way to complete a meal. Keep reading to learn more about this delicious side dish.

Between countless sauces, various toppings, and other mouth-watering accompaniments, this delectable and irresistible dish is the perfect black canvas and can be eaten in many different ways. Fries are a staple among many cultures and cuisines and are one of the world’s favorite sides — we cannot get enough! But if they are so universally loved, why are they called “french fries?” Does it have to do with the French?

Continue reading to learn more about how fries got their name.

The Origination of French Fries

Before we dive into why fries are called “french fries,” it’s best to give you a bit of background on how they came to be:

The potato is a New World delicacy. They are a product of the Andes mountains and a staple food of those that lived in the area. After the Spanish colonization of the Americas more than 400 years ago, many Europeans took the potato back to their countries and created many dishes, one of which is the french fry as we know it. 

The exact origin of the french fry is highly debated, as many claim to be the first ones to have created the savory snack. Some insist they were first made in France, while many others say Belgium. But the modern-day preparation of double frying potatoes likely started in Belgium and grew from there. The fry is considered to be more “Belgian” than the waffle. In fact, Belgium’s national dish is mussels served with fries. There’s even a museum dedicated to fries.

So, Why Are They Called “French Fries”?

If the modern-day method of preparing fries came from Belgium, you might be wondering why they’re called “french fries.” Some say that the term came to be because fries originated in France. But, since it seems like fries were born in Belgium, the name came to be because of the culinary term “to french,” which means to cut into long, thin strips. This cutting method is also referred to as julienning, but “Julienned Fries” just doesn’t sound as good.

Other Names for French Fries

Fries are loved all across the world. But they are not always called fries. They go by many names, and knowing their different names can help you know what to order next time you’re out of the country. Here are some of the other terms used by other countries:

Belgium: Frites

England: Chips

France: Pommes Frites

Russia: Kartofel Fri

Spain: Papas Fritas

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